Copy image to clipboard

Windows XP Service Pack 2. Directory Opus latest version.

  1. Select any image.
  2. Either right click or select Copy from the Main menu.

Item is not copied to the clipboard as there is nothing to copy.

I've tried several times using different files. Please confirm and issue fix ASAP.

Are you expecting that to put the bitmap (not the file containing the bitmap) into the clipboard? That isn't what clipboard copy does. (Try the same thing in Explorer and you'll get the same result.)

Then how do I copy an image without the filename directly into the clipboard for pasting into another application?

Open the image in an image viewer/editor (e.g. the Opus viewer) and copy it from there.

Use the NirCmd utility... you can add the following sort of command to either a button, hotkey, or context menu action on any of the image file related File Types in Opus filetype editor (I use "Recognized Images"):

/jtools/tools\nircmd.exe clipboard copyimage {f}

*Note: naturally adjust the path to the executable to wherever you put it on your system...

I'm guessing what exactly this issue is,
but perhaps the question of this thread is really about copying an image from DOpus into another application, a new e-mail for instance ?
The assertion that a clipboard copy - paste does not work is then true here.
Drag N Drop using the actual file in a lister or using a file insert menu on the other application still work though ( at least for an e-mail ).

If I'm wrong about this I'm sorry, but that's the most likely thing I can identify here.

I think we established that in the first three posts, unless I've misunderstood myself.

Yes that's what I thought you may have meant in the second post, but it's good to hear you confirm that.

Yeah - I don't think it was totally clear from the "first" post - but I thought the subsequent reply and follow-up answer to Leo's question made it pretty clear, however it is that Leo managed to decode the actual intention from the initial post :slight_smile::

...minus the comment about "without the filename" part :slight_smile:.

So I presume a scenario like:

  • you've got an image file (jpg, bmp, whatever) on disk somewhere
  • you've got an image editor open processing some other image, or an empty image or something - but point being you don't want to modify the actual file on disk for whatever reason (for which you would otherwise just open that existing image file directly in your other application right?)
  • you want to hit a button or run some other "simple" action against the image file on disk (as opposed to double-clicking on it, hitting Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, and then closing the viewer)
  • you want to go right back to that other application and just paste the actual image file "contents" into the app

It sounded like DFan was trying to do a regular Opus Clipboard COPY of the file, and was wondering why that wasn't allowing pasting of the files "contents" into the other app - which as others said - ain't what Opus Clipboard COPY command does.

The NirCmd thing I posted will let you do that...

All this said, I wonder if it might be a nifty and relatively ~easy thing for GPsoft to implement - adding the same sort of Clipboard COPYIMAGE type capability into Opus Clipboard command...? Of course, Mr. Nir Sofer's tools are pretty useful and the main .exe is only a trivial 31k in size, and probably a good thing to have in ones toolkit for sundry tasks like this - and it works.

8 years later I have the same need...
I should have checked Opus forums first.
Anyway I went looking also found Nirsoft and it still works (On win7-64 anyway)
This is the context menu command that worked for me:

D:\Data\SoftWare\ncmd\nircmdc.exe clipboard copyimage "%1"

To be clear this copies the image direct to the clipboard (as apposed to copying the file containing the image) so I can insert it directly into a document or wherever.
when you execute the command what looks like a DOS box pops up momentarily then disappears again

10 years later and same query. Within Dopus I can double click the image to open via the built in image viewer, I can then select "Copy All" from the context menu which puts the image contents (not the file) it in the clipboard.

Is there a way to automate this process via a button script without having to manually open and close the image view?

There's a way in this thread:

Thanks, using that method on my personal PC but unauthorized software's not permitted on my business PC. All of the components are available within dopus itself to do this, so I was hoping it could be wrapped up with a simple script.

Give this a try.

function OnClick(clickData) {
    var cmd = clickData.func.command;
    var tab = clickData.func.sourcetab;
    cmd.deselect = false;

    if (tab.selected_files.count == 0) return;

    cmd.RunCommand('Show FILE="' + tab.selected_files(0) + '" NOUSEEXISTING');
    var newVwrs = cmd.results.newviewers;

Copy File As Bitmap To Clipboard.dcf (1.1 KB)