Copy in the selected folder (CTRL-V)


I want to copy a file in the current folder and paste it in the selected folder with CTRL-V. Actually, it copy a second copy of the same file.

Example: I copy Test.txt (CTRL-C), select the Folder 1 and then press CTRL-V. It create a copy of Test.txt instead of copying into Folder 1

I can only do it with the context menu Paste. Is there a way to do it (especially when you have folders expanded)?




I replaced the CTRL-V command with this one, but can I also paste it if no selection is made (like the standard CTRL-V)? I don't want to create a new shortcut key.

Yes, with a little modification:

Clipboard PASTE{=seldirs==1 ? " USESEL" : ""=}
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Thanks! It works exactly like I want.