Copy item from full file context menu to dopus file context

I have the hide windows items on file context menu option turned on in dopus so I don't get a massive list of normally useless options appearing when I right click a file.

Now i've installed some software called Virtual CloneDrive to allow me to mount ISO files. During the installation it added an option to the file context menu to mount iso files when I right click them. But to see this option I have to hold down shift to see the full context menu. What's the best way to copy this option into my normal compact dopus context menu. I want this option to appear when I right click iso files.


Why do we bother posting these things ?

Thanks for the link.

BTW I did do a search for "file context menu" and it brought back over a hundred pages of results. I scanned the first 5 pages and didn't see your link.

Unless you come up with the right phrase to search for it's sometimes faster to post your Q.

It's sometimes faster to POST a question but not to research and provide a reply for you.