Copy just folder names and structure of a directory tree

I have a large directory tree for digital image categories. I would like to copy the directory structure and folder names but not the files to utilize the tree structure in another location. I do not want to copy the files that are in each folder. Is there a way using DirOpus to accomplish this task?
I could copy the current tree and paste it at another location, then tediously empty each folder. I guess I am lazy.

Thank you
Howard Flemming

Over in the Buttons forum, this should do what you want: Recreate Empty Directory Structure.

Or use XCOPY with the /T switch.

I needed to do this today and couldn't find a way that didn't entail building a button until I looked thru the "edit" menu >>> copy filenames >> as names only.

I only had a simple structure to copy, so i'm not sure if this would work with nested dirs.

I was attempting to create my normal "yearly" photo dir structure: top level folder (year) = 2019, sub folders (months) = 01-Jan, 02-Feb, 03-Mar, etc.. etc..

I went to a previous year and selected all the "months" folder names and used the command:

"edit" menu >>> copy filenames >> as names only.

I then navigated to the newly created -top level folder (year)-- eg 2019 and used the "new folder >> create multiple folders" command.. in the field I pasted the results from the command
--copy filenames | as names only--

Hope this helps someone...

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