Copy Move and Rename Button, help

I use a dummy filename "c:\11.pdf" for all my scanned pdf files. I then moved the this 11.pdf file to its appropriate folder, and rename it to something very similar to a selected file. My logical steps are;

  • Navigate to that appropriate folder
  • Select a file
  • Move c:\11.pdf to current lister
  • Rename c:\11.pdf to the name of current selected file, adding "_new" to the end.

Please help, I can't get the syntax right.

Copy C:\11.pdf MOVE HERE AS {o|noext}_new.pdf


Thanks for quick response. With your code, I got this message "an error ocurred moving 11.pdf". I then added " " to the filename;

Copy "C:\11.pdf" MOVE HERE AS {o|noext}_new.pdf

but still the same error message.

Does it say what the error is?

You shouldn't need quotes around the C:\11.pdf as there are no spaces in the name. The new filename would need quotes if it contains spaces and you could add quotes around "{o|noext}_new.pdf" if you wanted although Opus should add them in automatically.

If you change the command to this:

echo Copy C:\11.pdf MOVE HERE AS {o|noext}_new.pdf

and change the type to MS-DOS Batch function it will print out the command that is being run which might give a clue as to why it's failing.


I added the quotes to the new filename portion of the code, and it work perfectly. Thanks. That is;

Copy "C:\11.pdf" MOVE HERE AS "{o|noext}_new.pdf"

Again, thank you.

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