Copy (Move) & Drag

I have a lister open in Dual vertical Display and I am trying to move (copy) files from one folder (on the left Display) to another folder (on the right display)
Usually I would click right on the file to move (copy) on the left display and then drag to the other folder on the right display .
Now all of a sudden, when I click-right on a File, the display opens just the "Context" Menu and I am unable to drag.
I do not remember having changed any of the Settings in Preferences
I want to go back to the previous situation where I could move (copy) a file in Dual Display by just right-clicking on it and dragging

Thank you

Check you are in Details mode and not Power mode. The mouse buttons work differently in Power mode.

I can move (copy) by dragging with the left button (option to copy or move selected by using the Shift or Ctrl key.
Not possible with the right button even in "Details" Mode.
Something has definitely changed (could it be due to a Windows update?)

What happens in other software?

Maybe your mouse's right-click button is going (or the switch has dust in it) and it's clicking instead of holding? I've had that happen on several mice.