Copy/move files options


I have a question regarding copy/ move options of Dopus.

2 issues

  • is there an option to show in the copy/move window current speed per second of the action ( I think there was an option like that in one of previous version - might be Amiga one)

  • I often find myself copying/moving multiple files from multiple sources in a same time, ordering them one by one, and speed of transfer gets low. What i m thinking is, is there a way to apply all the next files I choose to copy while the first one is in progress to put in queue instead of trying to copy all in a same time.

#1 Probably this option? settings > preferences > file operations > progress indicators > show progress bar speed timer ...

#2 Unfortunately DOpus doesn't have a copy queue system.

For #2, if all the copies are going to the same place, you can "stack" multiple items from different places into the clipboard and then paste them as a single operation. See my reply about Clipboard COPY ADD here:

[Scrap Collection toolbar)