Copy MOVE function acts strangely with Hotkey

Hi there,

I don't know what is the problem. I assigned F6 to Copy MOVE function.

And I have a toolbar button with exact same function.

The toolbar button has no problems.

But when I select a file, and hit F6, then DOpus successfully moves the file to the destination folder, and then it seems like it tries to copy the file after.

Since there is no file left in the source folder, I get "an error occurred moving..." error, with Copy - Directory Opus title window.

I always click on skip button but it is annoying.

Let me know how do I fix it.



After I assined the hotkey to the toolbar button instead of function, the problem was solved. I guess it is a bug or something.

I can't reproduce this here - there should be no difference between a toolbar and a hotkey function.