Copy/move progress window

After starting copy/move operation progress window appears at the center of DOpus lister which disturbs workflow. I'd much more like it appear somewhere else, like above/under/next to lister.
Or maybe don't show progress window at all, just show "work in progress" indication in status bar, plus small progress bar or percentage complete. Double-clicking status bar indicator would show and bring progress window to front.
There's also a lot of space in the menu bar.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Does that mean that you are going to look into the matter but it has very low priority, nevertheless you are going to change something meantime or you think it's ok the way it works now?
Honestly... if the window appeared somewhere in the bottom left corner, it would be much better. Also, it's annoying when changing files on (s)FTP site and after remote file is saved, after several seconds (the delay makes it even more annoying) progress window appears at the center of screen, plus steals [keyboard] focus.

I endorse daroc's suggestion as well. Most web browser has implemented this for a while now. I think this would increase the productivity of many people. I think it should queue the operations automatically. For example, if I already have files in transfer and I delete the parent directory of those files, the delete operation should happen after the file transfer has been completed.

Guys did you see how Firefox' new default download manager looks & works? Something like that in Opus would be fantastic! It's basically a small icon/button in upper right corner which shows status (and progress with progressbar and percentage) and when clicked expands to reveal details and other controls.

We've talked about this a bunch already in other threads. It's not going to happen overnight but it's on our list.