Copy Movewhensame not working on same drive?

Hey there... bit flumoxed here. Can anyone think of why a default drag and drop operation from folders somewhere on the same drive as the destination folder would actually 'copy' the data instead of move it? I've checked and dblchecked the drop event for All files and folders as well as All folders and don't see anything strange... the former is set to copy movewhensame and the latter is . I have a right click drop menu to move the folders and that works fine (copy move), but I can't think of why normal drop stopped working properly :frowning: Argghhh...

Does it only happen when certain folders are the source and/or destination?

Hi Leo... thanks for answering, I just found the problem and came up here to answer the post... I had been messing around with a couple of context menu managers like Mmm+ and such, and SOMEHOW managed to get something screwed up in the registry. Really strange... though I did not see it in Dopus file type editor, the drop handler just for 'folders' was set to do a Copy renamewhensame. I do remember trying this out a while back, but don't understand why I could see no trace of it in the file type editor. Anyhow... working now.