Copy or Move with "skip all" pre-selected

I very frequently use Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2 for copy and move.
I many cases, I am copying or moving to a folder in which some of the to-be-copied/moved files already exist. I then wait until the dialog box pops up and then manually click "skip all". However, this happens so frequently (dozens of times per day), that I would like a script/shortcut/button/something-like-that that allows me to "copy-with-skip-all" or "move-with-skip-all" (so, the "skip all conflicts" is 'pre-selected' for the specific copy or move job).
How can this be done?

thanks everybody!

You can edit the buttons and add WHENEXISTS=skip to the Copy command(s) to make them skip existing files without prompting.

e.g. Copy WHENEXISTS=skip

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Great! How can I add these two functions to the functions currently available under the COPY button?

See Editing the Toolbar in the manual.

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Thanks. I took some figuring out, but it works!