Copy/Paste filename

I often need to copy the exact filename (without extension) from (for instance) a txt-file to a jpg-file. Is it possible to make a button/shortcut to push when on the first file to copy that filename without the extension and to push another button/shortcut to paste the filename when on the other file, without losing its extension?

This would help a great deal. Thank:)

You can do this fairly quickly without any extra buttons or setup (assuming the default inline rename preferences):

  • Select file 1. Push F2, then Ctrl+C.
  • Select file 2. Push F2, then Ctrl+V.

If you want to automate things further, you could bind buttons/menu items/hotkeys to these commands:

To copy the name of the selected file, ignoring extension:

Clipboard SET {file$|noext}

To replace the selected file's name with what's in the clipboard, preserving the current extension:

Rename FROM {file$} TO="{clip}" IGNOREEXT

Hi Leo,

The "quick" way was my method until now, but when needing to rename 100's of files this wav the combined keystrokes make things very stressing.

BUT: your second solution works like a charm :):):slight_smile: I now made F-keyboard shortcuts to rename ... and this is much faster:)

Thanks, thanks, thanks

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