Copy/Paste JPG file to My Pictures folder changes Date

If I Copy or Paste a JPG (or TIF) file from, say, Drive E to the C:/.../My Pictures folder, the File Modified Date changes to the present Date/Time.

Why should this be? My wife uses another File Browser, and this does not happen.

Doing this with an EXE, PDF, etc., does not cause this File Date change.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

I can't repeat this here. As long as you have the "preserve timestamp" option turned on in Preferences - File Operations - Copying (it's on by default so you probably do) then Opus will preserve the last modified time no matter what type of file it is.

Does this happen in Explorer as well? Maybe you have something else running which is monitoring new image files (some sort of image indexing system or something?) that could be causing this?

It happens in Internet Explorer also. I tried turning off Adobe PSE Launcher and some Roxio thingy that monitors new images. Same thing.

Tomorrow I'll try it in Safe Mode and see what happens. Very annoying.

You could try FileMon ( - set up a filter for the name of the file in question, and it should show you which process is modifying the timestamp.

Thanks for all the suggestions, mostly about an image monitoring program and FileMon.

I found out that Easy Media Creator 8.0 was the culprit. In their Organizer, Media Manager, if Folders are Watched, the File Modified date will change using Directory Opus or Explorer when an image file is copied and pasted to the Watched Folders.

I had about 300 pictures that all changed to the current date/time when I must have moved all the image files back to /My Pictures. Not sure how it happened, but I had to painstakingly change the File Modified dates back to the EXIF data date. Big job.

I'll monitor this closely. Maybe I can permanently turn off the Roxio thing. It must be a bug. Watching a file should not change its date. The date in question was just about the time I installed the new Version 8.0

Glad you found the solution. Have you reported the problem to Roxio?

Did not report it to Roxio. Went to their forum and noticed that others are having the same problem. I posted a messege there about this. Major pain.

One user knew about Exifer. Wish I did. He used it to change all his dates back automaticaly using EXIF data. I'll look for that program, just in case.

Now I make certain the Roxio Watched Folders feature is Off. Don't use it anyway. Use Photoshop Elements' Organizer.