Copy Progress indicator


If prior to copy you do calculate the Total Bytes/MB/GB to be copied then can you please add it to the "Copy Progress Dialog Box" and also add the number of Bytes/MB/GB that have been copied already and how much is still left to be copied.

Thank you

This has been quite a topic for some time.. my current status is, that there is some of that in the dialog. At some point it shows up and toggles with some other detail every second or so. I did not notice this happening lately though. That said, I surely wouldn't mind seeing all information being static and visible at a single glance.

I wouldn't mind also to understand why it not feasible to add the above information to the progress dialog if added it would be very easy to understand how much was copied and how much is left. You only get the approximate time left but not the actual size of B/MB/GB that is remaining to be copied. It is a very good visual indicator as far as I can see it.

I suggest reading some of the topics already there, it might help to get an overview of the situation. As said, the copy/progress dialog has already been talked about - with mixed results. o)

Thank you tbone for answering but I don't find anything that resembles the same as I suggest.
I would appreciate that one of the GPSoft team will comment JUST FOR THE SAKE OF POLITNESS not to ignore someone who is commenting or suggesting something regarding their software.

We're more likely to reply if you link your account. (But sometimes we also don't have anything to add to the conversation.)

I am sorry but I can't link the account because it belongs to the company I that I work at so you have to trust me that they have licenses to your program.
I would appreciate if you could tell me why and if there are obstacles to add the above fields to the copy progress dialog.

Thank you

I think we took that out because everyone hated it.

If that is the reason then I can't argue about love and hate issues. Which are of course dependent on each individual personality. Thanks anyway for your reply.