Copy Progress not display for network to network device copies

When copying from a network share \server\sharename to a mapped network drive (e.g. X:) I no longer get the copy progress window. The copying process is occurring as the files and folders do turn up in the destination, just no way of tracking progress of these file operations. DOpus ver 12.33 build 8659.
Any suggestions?

Do you have any tools installed that change how/where windows appear, make them on-top, ir minimise them ti the tray?

They’re usually the reason for progress dialogs not being visible. They can also cause problems even when disabled, since their hooks are often still installed and still go wrong, even if they don’t trigger the tool to do anything else, so uninstalling and rebooting is the best way to test if they were involved; just disabling them isn’t always enough.

It's got wierder, they started displaying again yesterday a while after I posted. Doesn't seem to be related to number of Items being copied. Only difference seems to be these copies occured from deeper in the folder structure. Will keep you posted once I try a few other copy operations.

No to the tools doing on-top etc. btw