Copy Rename on same folder, recursively


What I am trying to achieve is to select a folder,
and copy every file matching a pattern e.g. ".zip"
to a file named after another pattern e.g. "
.zip.bak" on the same folder as the original file.
Then recursively do that for each subdirectory of the original folder.

Is there a way to achieve this with Directory Opus.

One alternative (which I still don't know how to go about) could be that I search for all files "*.zip" on a folder
and then select all files on the results collection and copy - rename them to the same folder. But Duplicate button does not
work on a collection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Create a button (or hotkey, etc.) which runs this command:

@nofilenamequoting Copy "{filepath$}" TO "{filepath$|..}" as "{file$}.bak"

(If you need help creating the button, just ask.)

You can then use that button on your Find Results. i.e. Do a search for *.zip, select all the results, then click the button to create .bak copies of everything that's selected.

Thanks a lot Leo