Copy selected filennames with all details?


can I copy all selected filenames including all details (all columns separated by tabulator) - maybe including header?

It's possible with Total Commander (menu Mark).


Tools / Print Folder

Thanks a lot - never used it - don't print anything :wink: only into clipboard.

However, I've tried selected files only - but it always prints the full folder? No selected files possible?

Is it possible easier as context menu using something like "Clipboard COPYNAMES=url,unc" (e.g. "Clipboard COPYNAMES=url,unc,details")?

And maybe including "subdirs"?


You can do all this with Print Folder; have a look at the manual for details.

Eg, to copy selected files with all details to the clipboard, tab separated:

Print FOLDER=selected TO=clip:tab QUIET

Thanks a lot - works great.

But found a bug: :wink:

I have the columns Size & Size on Disk (both 2 times) - and print folder always uses Size (and not Size On Disk).


Name Size Ext Size Modified Attr Created Type Location Size on Disk Size on Disk
LinkTest.html 418 html 418 bytes 18.04.2008 11:13:46 -a--- 18.04.2008 11:13:45 Opera C:_Privat 418 418 bytes
mis18.sql 256 sql 256 bytes 25.03.2008 12:04:49 -a--- 25.03.2008 12:04:49 SQL File C:_Privat 256 256 bytes
SS_Jersey_Scheduler.png 46.866 png 45,7 KB 18.04.2008 09:52:27 -a--- 18.04.2008 09:52:27 IrfanView PNG File C:_Privat 46.866 45,7 KB

Size On Disk = Size (only with print folder!)

Yep... seems you are correct.

Comment: Don't think you can get the same exact sort of column output you described from Print Folder anyway. You've got 'size' listed three times... even withOUT the 'Size on disk' info at the end?