Copy WHENEXISTS=skip toolbar icon is dimmed?

I added an icon to my toolbar in 12.17 x64 with the function of: Copy WHENEXISTS=skip

For some reason, it is always dimmed.

I have two listers open, select the source folder on the left lister, select the destination folder on the right lister (each on different drives) and try to click my button.

It's dimmed and inactive.

What obvious mistake am I making?


Not selecting anything.

The copy command normally works on the files/folders you have selected, not the whole folder you have navigated to.

If you don't select anything to copy, it won't do anything and the button is disabled/dimmed.

If you want it to automatically copy everything from the source side to the destination side, without having to select anything (and skipping anything that already exists), try this:

Copy * WHENEXISTS=skip
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ahhh! I see. I was selecting the folder in the left folder tree, whereas I needed to select it in the right pane (that shows the files and folders inside the selected folder tree folder.

BTW - is there a way to have the Copy DELETE any file in the destination that doesn't exist on the source?


Not easily from a single-click button. The Synchronize tool can do it, but that takes a few more clicks each time. You could also have a script do it automatically, but that'd be extra work to set up.

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You can use


to select those files in the destination which do not exist in the source and then delete them manually or via command.

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That seems to work on only the outer layer? I want to compare a folder on two drives where the folder contains many other folders and files and have it select just the ones that ONLY exist on the destination.

So, is there a way to have it recursively look at ALL the files and folders when doing the comparison and creating the resulting selection?

I'm amazed at how many features I didn't know existed in Directory Opus!!

I'll have to read up on Synchronize as I'd like to script that.