Copying and moving files

Aha... and the nice thing about using this method is that it shows you the path in the dialog. Soooo, if the blunder that you would otherwise make is that you've dragged over to an undesired destination folder, you can catch that in the dialog.

Woohooo! Nice contribution superboy - a voice of reason! Hey Nodrog - hows that work?

Unfortunately, steje, I think Nodrog meant it when he "threatened" not to use DOpus anymore. Oh well. I can only wish him luck in finding a more powerful file manager, I actually think it is impossible because it doesn't exist. If it did, I would have bought one by now!

a cosmetic (!) query for superboy, or anyone else who knows re his screen shot above :arrow_right:

how do you get the selected folder tab to show in a different colour?

how to get different colours in the status bar?

how do you get "seperators" on a tool bar e.g. on the drivebar between C: & other drives? :question:

Go to Preferences / Display / Colors & Fonts and select Folder Tabs from the drop-down list of items.

Status bar colours are set using hex RGB codes:

<#ff0000>{sd}/{td} folders</#>

That would show the folder count in red.

This is in the PDF manual under Preferences / Display / Status Bar but unfortunately is not mentioned under the Status Bar Control Sequences section at the end so you could be forgiven for missing it. :slight_smile:

You haven't watched my Toolbar Editing Video Tutorial? :cry:

When in Customize mode you simply drag a button slightly away from the one next to it to create a separator. You can also right-click it and select Begin a Group if you prefer.

hi Leo

i HAVE read your tutorial but NO, havent looked at the video, embarrassed to say the speakers dont work on my computer. (embarrassed cause its been that way a very long time...)

I'll download it and have a look ~ should still be able to figure out stuff...

I did check out statusbar codes as you thought,
& re the tabs, sometimes its so easy to miss the obvious, innit?

actually just tried to download video from the tutorial page link:
but I got:

Not Found
The requested URL /Files/videos/Toolbar1.html was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

will try again another day,
thanks for your help & patience!

Just after I posted I noticed my tutorial page still had a few broken links as a result of the Resource Centre move but I think I've fixed them all now. If you notice any others let me know!

They're also linked here in the Tutorials forum along with a bunch of others. All worth checking out!

Don't worry, there's no sound in any of my video tutorials (yet :slight_smile:).

Thank you superboy, that unveils a lot of new possibilities for me.

What I want to do is to replace Windows Recycle Bin and use a normal folder for storing files that I will eventually delete. I think using a normal folder is more usable and faster.

I've created a folder c:\MyTrash and defined a user command this way:

dopusrt /cmd Copy MOVE TO "{dlgstring|Move to MyTrash...|C:\MyTrash}"

That is similar to your confirmation dialog and it works for me, but I'd prefer to show only a confirmation dialog (with yes/no buttons), not a string dialog where I can change the destination folder.

Do you know whether it is possible? I've read the manual and I haven't found a confirmation dialog.

By the way, my opinion about the dialog-discussion is that dialogs can be very useful so I think DOpus should add them. It doesn't matter if we are computer experts that never make a mistake (which is not true, at least for me); dialogs are still* a very powerful feature.

  • (should i have used "yet" there? My english is not very good...)

I think it would be better to have dialog commands (more or less) like these examples:

DIALOG "Enter destination folder" STORE IN {destfolder}
COPY TO {destfolder}

COPY TO {DIALOG "Enter destination folder"}

DIALOG CONFIRMATION "Really move to Trash?" COPY MOVE TO "C:\MyTrash"


I have a question to add to this old thread. In the screenshot above, you can see how my copy/move button brings up the dialog for confirmation. Is there a way to list the files that are selected for the move/copy in that dialog? How would I add this to the script?