Copying folders


This may seem like a silly question, but I cannot seem to find out where to look to enable an option to do what I want. Ok here goes....

If i copy files from one dir to another, and the file exists, it prompts me if i want to overwrite or rename. Great! Now I want the same thing when I copy folders over from one location to another. When sorting pictures, I often have many series with the same name, but the content is quite different. So when i copy "img_" to another dir, if the dir exists it assumes i want it to go to that directory and copies everything to it. It only hiccups when it finds files that are the same. This can get confusing because unless it tells me there is a filename mismatch, I wont necessarily know that it did this until i come to view the pictures and notice there are 2 totally different series in there with the same name.

I would like the DO to prompt me saying "this dir already exists what would you like to do? copy into it or give the destination dir a new name" much like the program already does on a file level.

Sure I could always check the dir before i do a copy or a move however when the destination dir has hundreds of dirs, it is somewhat of a pain to manually check, then manually rename the source dir before copying.

Any ideas?

I thought about this problem quite a bit today while I was out mowing the yard. And I have 2.5 acres to mow so I did a lot of thinking. :slight_smile: And after awhile I had a DOpus launched batch file conjured up in my head that would do it, or nearly do it anyway, but then it occurred to me that this idea could be the opening of a real can of worms.

So I changed my mind. Instead prompting for any pre-existing destination folders, if it were me I'd change the way I stored my digital pictures on disk. Perhaps by storing them in directories that have date stamped names matching the date/time the pictures were taken. That way there should never be duplicate folders to cause a conflict.

That's just the conclusion I came to, others may have a totally different take on your problem.

well talking about pictures is just an example. It could be MP3s or anythign else. And as for pictures, what about stuff I download from usenet? i am not about to start fine tuning other peoples stuff to sort and file by description or whatever else. The normal windows explorer prompts you to over wrtie existing folders as well as files. One would think there should be an option like the ask for confirmation before overwriting existing files but one for folders as well.

I could have SWORN I've seen Dopus prompt for a folder rename, but for the life of me I can't reproduce it :frowning:. If nobody has any tricks out there to force this sort of dialog, then I'd agree it would be a handy feature request. Maybe one of the admin's can move it over to the FR forum if nobody has any bright ideas... I would use this daily... as it is, I resort to doing a Copy As when I want to copy a same-name folder to a common root dir. But this is only in the case when I'm already 'aware' that I'm copying same name folders... I think you want this more when you're copying a series of folders and might not be sure if you're even working with same names or not.

Edit note- I've submittied a feature request for something different but similar in nature as far as copying same-name items. See what you think of this request...

Ya for the most part your FR is what I am looking for, however not just to do it when i copy files to the root. If i copy a series of folders from g:\usenet\pictures to e:\pictures\ it ought to prompt if the folder exists.. what do u want to do. There is an option already in place to ask confirmation if a file exists. I figure it cant be terribly difficult to ask the same thing but for folders instead.

Option to:

  1. Rename folder to something else
  2. Do not create a new folder, and copy files into it (as it does now)

I 2 thought DO had such a feature. Perhaps the feature was there for DO v6. I could have sworn this was something new that came up in v8.x only, but maybe I am mistaken.

Yeah, I figured you'd want to make sure that such a thing accomodated a series of dub-directories... and tried to indicate that in my post, but maybe wasn't clear enough. Anyhow, we should make sure the verbiage is clear and submit it through the GPSoft webpage... They do look here, but the website support page is the official place to submit a "Program Suggestion".