Copying in grouped mode

Just thought I'd mention this, I copied a bunch of folders in flat view "grouped" mode so I could copy most of a folder's contents to a SD card and not copy one very large sub-folder I didn't use. When I hit grouped mode and went to select the folders, the status line at the very bottom correctly reported how many folders I was selecting but didn't accurately report how much I was grabbing in size. It still said "0 bytes selected". While I understand why it did this, it would really be great if the bytes selected were accurate, since it will copy all of the files contained in those folders I'm selecting - then I could know whether or not my flash drive is going to be able to hold everything I'm selecting.

If I'm right on this maybe it could be submitted to the feature request? or Maybe this is a configuration for status bar in the preferences? If checking each folder's byte size is a processor-intensive task I don't want that on all of the time, just when I'm selecting folders in grouped mode.

Also it looks as though I can right-click and do a properties and get the size that way, is that my only option?


Use the GetSizes function (by default, middle-click on the Create Folder button in the toolbar) to calculate some or all folder sizes.

That works, the MMB on the create folder icon is a toggle so I can click it on before I select my folders. Great Thanks!

It's not actually a toggle - it will work on either selected folders, or on all folders in the current folder if none are selected.