Copying/moving same-named folders one on top of the other

Hi everyone,

Let's say I have the following folders:


Now let's say I want to move the C:\Entertainment\Music folder to C:. Windows Explorer will ask me "A folder named "Music" already exists bla bla bla". Opus, however, will not tell me that such folder already exists, but instead will try to merge the contents of the two folders, and only if there's same-named files inside them it will ask me what to do.

How can I get Opus to behave like Windows Explorer in this case? If I am moving a folder to a place where there is a same-named folder, I want to know about it up front--I don't want Opus to transparently merge the contents of the two without me knowing.



Well the rationale is that copying one folder over another does not replace the original folder, like it does with a file. However I can't see any reason not to have this as an option - I'll add it to the list for the next version.


I agree that it ought to be an option at the very least. I find it especially annoying when sorting pictures with the same filenames. I keep finding myself with 2 diff series of pix with the same name being shoved into one folder. At least with explorer it would warn me and i could skip it and handle it differently. What would b nice.... is to have DO tell you that folder already exists, and have an option for

  1. replace ... and replace all
  2. skip ... and skip alll
  3. rename

If option 3 is selected a standard rename box would open and one could change the name of the dir and then continue on .

Until there's a version with the warning as an option, a good tip if you want to quickly find out if any of the selected folders already exist in the destination is to use the Select SOURCETODEST command.

Thanks for the tip nudel.

Does anyone know if this is actually on the todo list for a future build? It should be difficult or time-consuming to add either (or so I would think).



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Is this option available anywhere in the current version? I just made a major mess of some very large folders because of the missing warning. And then I made it even worse by selecting undo.

Thx for replies.

No option has been added as far as I know.

I'm not sure if anyone ever requested it so it may not even be on the to-do list. If you want it ask for it.