Copying one date stamp to another

Somehow hundreds of my photo files have been attributed an incorrect value in "Modified" and "Created" datestamp attributes. The "Shooting Time" value remains correct. I need to restore my date stamps to the "shooting time."

I've tried "SetAttr Modified = Shootingtime" but get a garbled result.

What's the correct way to do this in Opus8??

There isn't a good way to do this via Opus at the moment since the SetAttr command doesn't (as far as I know) have the ability to read data in from columns.

If all the files are in a single directory then it wouldn't be too hard to use the PrintFolder command to get a list of all filenames and their shooting times and then munge that into a long Opus command which sets all their modified time (using a macro in an editor like TextPad). But if the files are spread over several (sub)directories then it's not so easy.