Copying over existing file

Hi there,

I have a question about where to set the behaviour of DirOpus, when copying a file in a folder, where a file with the same name already exists.

I had DirOpus on another machine, and there always came this handy dialog, that lets me choose a new filename. I installed DOpus on another PC (I took the prefs with me) - but now everytime DOpus makes
a "copy of"-prefix in the filename.

How and where can I change this behaviour? I expected an option in the Prefs->File Operations->Copying Menu, but havn't found anything.
(the "ask for confirmation..." on copying(1) didn't help)

I also searched the online help. The only thing I found there was in the category RawCommands. It describes the behaviour I want - but I don't know how to achieve it.

Thanks in advance,

If you're copying using a toolbar button, hold down the left Alt key and click the button. What command is on it? It should be simply "Copy" with no extra arguments.

If you're copying in some other way then let us know the details.

No, I am normally using drag'n'drop. I take the file I want to duplicate - pull it with the mouse while holding CTRL - and then drop it in the same folder.

Now DOpus creates a new file with the "copy of..." prefix. But on my other PC, the relplace/rename dialog pops up, giving me the chance to choose another name.

I have no idea why on my current PC the dialog does not appear. :confused:


Open the Opus Filetypes editor and double-click All files and folders. Switch to the Events tab and see what the drop and dropctrl events are set to.

By default they are copy MOVEWHENSAME and copy, respectively.

Edit: My screenshot shows copy MOVE for the drop event because I changed it myself. It is copy MOVEWHENSAME by default as I said above. The MOVEWHENSAME means means it will move files if source and destination are on the same partition and copy them otherwise, which is what Explorer does. Personally, I don't like that behaviour and changed it, but don't let my screenshot confuse you.

Thats it! Thanks a lot.