Copying several files from the phone - not working

when I copy several files from the phone DO just shows the Copy Dialog and nothing else - no files are being copied - when that happens Copy Dialog Window doesn't respond to any of its buttons - and I cannot even cancel that operation (I can cancel by unplugging my phone from usb port).

One thing is sure - I ALWAYS can copy one file at the time.

I wrote here about COPY but the same happens with MOVE and DELETE.
Any suggestion what may be wrong?

Does it work in Explorer?

Any change if you toggle Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: mtp_enable, then fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) and try again?

In my configuration mtp_enable was set to true - when I changed to false and restarted DO I couldn't browse my phone at all - DO crashed immediately so I restarted Windows and then everything worked fine (mtp_enable = false, I could COPY, MOVE and DELETE) - only my phone's lister background changed to white. Then I set mtp_enable to true and COPY, MOVE, DELETE are still working (DO doesn't crash)

I must say I'm a little bit confused :slight_smile: but thanks for help.