Copying symlink to a folder - problem with progress indicato

If I copy a symlink that points to a folder, DOpus does not count files inside this folder.

Symlink was created with DOpus.
I initiate the copy by drag&drop.
I copy the whole folder, ie. I drag&drop the symlink itself to another disk.
DOpus shows that it has copied 0/1 files, although the folder that is being copied contains ~200 files.

Files are copied correctly, the only thing I'm asking for is to make progress info more useful.

Did you change anything in this matter? I can see that something has changed but it's still not ok.

Now it shows correct number of files copied but it does not count files properly.

In this example I selected four symlinks and copied them using a button with just Copy command. Files are copied between hard disk and flash disk.

Is Preferences / File Operations / Progress Indicators / Count files in folders before copying for set the same as before? What's it set to at the moment?

It's enabled and set to "local drives only".
I'm almost sure I didn't change it.