Copying time stamps

What would be the quickest way to copy the "datetaken" time stamps of photos over the "date created" ones?

You can do this from the metadata panel:

(In 11.17, beware of the bug discussed in Bulk jpg Change Date Modified to be EXIF Date Taken where you may need to close & re-open the metadata panel to get the full list of options.)

You can also use a command like SetAttr META createdate:datetaken if you want it automated.

Thanks, that´s not bad. Although i can only change the dates one by one. If i select more files, i don´t get the option "date taken" anymore. But for now it´s not a big problem, i have only a few files to change.

I just remembered, that i already have these commands in use, doing something quite similar: ... 1&p=141191

That is exactly what the other thread is about. I posted a workaround in that thread.

Oh, ok. So that´s what you have meant by that. Next time i will now. Cool.