"Copyright" field does not appear to work

Playing around with infotips for the music filetype group.

The COPYRIGHT field does not appear to work, whether shown via an info tip, or if the COPYRIGHT column is added. Both are empty, despite the field definitely being there.

Also, how do you get those fields to line up nicely, since you can't tab when editing the info tip, without the tab simply taking you out of the editor. I assume it is a qualifier, but... ?

What kind of file are you looking at?

You can paste tab characters into the box.

Cheers Gus...

Doesn't look like Copyright shows up regardless of ID3 tag version either - I tried both v1 and v2 on an mp3 as written by the Mp3Tag tool, and nothing shows up in the column field.

For the tab spacing in the info tip - I don't think there's any use of control codes (like \t) that will work... unless some additional escape char would make it work. But you can copy the tab spacing from an editor (even just notepad) and then paste that into your info tip editor and it'll work fine.

A picture tells a thousand words.
I guess if I had a brain I would have given all the info. This explains why I didn't :slight_smile:

an mp3. See how the field is actually present in the metadata, but AWOL in the column?

Pasting tabs eh. That's almost like Windows taking 19 years to boot fast. Here I was thinking this was modern Opus. :stuck_out_tongue:
Pasting tabs it shall be! For now.

That's what I ended up doing as it happens, I wrote the fields and such in metapad, used tabs to line them up nicely, then pasted that. It sorta worked, a couple were wonky but I was able to line them up within the tip editor.
Basically, I was trying to see if I could get Opus to closely emulate dBpoweramp's info tip. Typically, the one damn thing I want (the encoder, ie LAME, Fhg etc) is the one thing I can't have. I guess that info is coming from dBpa itself?

I ended up using dBpa's info tip, with an Opus assist to display the cover art. I was kinda hoping to be able to see the res of the cover art here too (I know you can see it in metadata by hovering). The point of this is that my player doesn't like art that exceeds (I think) 500 pixels, so hovering over the file to see this would have been nice. No biggie though.

Confirmed, the Copyright column isn't working for MP3 files. (Seems to work for some other audio formats, maybe the ones the AudioTags plugin handles.)

We'll take a look at that.