Correct syntax for external commands with quotations and ampersands


I'm want to use the following working powershell command to copy ACL permissions for a single folder by executing the following exact line:

powershell -Command "& {(Get-Item PathToSourceFolder).GetAccessControl("Access") | Set-Acl -Path PathToDestFolder}"

To further complicate it, I will be running it from a vbscript, so I will need cmd.RunCommand at the start. It uses two VBscript parameters (PathToSourceFolder and PathToDestFolder).

I have this working fine in a powershell .ps1 script but as it is only one line it would be nice if it could be executed directly. The problem is all the quotation marks and the ampersand.

Is there a compatible syntax that will allow this external command to be ran from a Dopus 12.10 vbscript ?.

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