Corrupt certificate

I had a computer crash and since then I keep getting the "certificate is running out soon" pop up. It also started saying my certificate is invalid ever since. Is there anyway to erase the existing files? I tried uninstalling but it wasn't enough. I don't wish to format my computer a new, I just did that a week ago.

(I have a) Stupid question... have you actually licensed Dopus or are you evaluating it? If licensed, have you tried re-installing the license certificate? If not, how long have you been running Dopus?

Licensed and it wasn't running out for a while. I have been using Dopus for months now and no problem. This only happened after a suddent computer crash, it started popping up the evaluation reminder every few hours. I tried to re-install the certificat but it says it's invalid. I can only imagine the file it stores the information is somehow corrupted.

This is a general discussion forum and the wrong place for such specific items.

Please go to the Support page of the GPSoft web site and submit a formal report of a probelm with details of your registration.



but it does say Help and Support you know.