Could not print folder content list


When trying to print folder content (drive J) to a file i got the following message:

An error occurred printing folder contents 'joij.txt':
A required privilege is not held by the client. (1314)

When using windows' native file manager and the command prompt it worked fine.
However I prefer using the Opus option as it is more direct then going via a command line. Can you help?

What are the exact steps you're doing in Opus which didn't work, and similarly in Explorer / Command Prompt which did work?

Are you trying to send the output to a printer, or to a text file? Or trying to print a text file that already has the listing inside it? Was the folder and file path the same in both tests?

In Opus I go to ‘tools’ and select ‘print folder’
In the window that pops up I give as destination a text file.
This gets me “An error occurred printing folder contents ‘joij.txt’:
A required privilege is not held by the client. (1314)”
I can then choose between retry and abort.

In windows explorer I shift-right click in the folder I want to print.
I open the command window and enter “dir > List.txt”
This saves a file in the same folder named ‘List.txt’
The only problem is that windows ads the dates and I just want the names. I remember I could do this in Opus.

Does it matter where you put the output file? (Make sure you choose a location that you can write to.)

Or does it matter which folder you are trying to print? (e.g. Try C:)

If Flat View is turned on in the Print Folder dialog, try turning it off in case the problem is somewhere in a sub-folder.

If any extra columns are added to the Print Folder dialog, try removing them all and leaving just Name.

Do any of those make it work again, or does it fail all the time? If it still fails, please post a screenshot showing how the Print Folder dialog is set up.

Thank you for the help Leo.
I unchecked Flat View and it works fine now.