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CPU & memory high usage after using synchronisation

After noticing a problem with one of my usb hard drives I decided to replace the drive before it failed completely. Before disconecting I used the synch feature in DOPus to move files that were added since the last backup was done to a back up drive.

Several of the files had crc errors (probably due to the faulty drive) and I selected "skip all" and left it running overnight as I estimated it was going to take most of the night to move around 1,000 mp3 files across.

This morning all the files apart from 38, which I assume were the skipped files, were moved and so I replaced the drive with a new hdd.

Since then I have been having problems with DOpus using the CPU and memory. A clean boot is fine and there is very little usage but after a while it starts to take over the system - just typing this message it has climbed to 98% cpu and 160,00k memory use.

I'm assuming its still clinging onto the failed tasks (which froze the copying process for around 5 mins each failed file). Anyone know how to clear the problem please.



My bet would be a video codec or shell image extraction is going a bit crazy. Try disabling the movie plugin and SIE.

More details on how to track down the problem in these two FAQs:

[Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories)
[Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files)

Nudel - thanks. I had seen that help in the FAQs but after reading it decided it wasn't applicable to my problem but after your reply I disabled the movie plugin and it seems to have done the trick. :smiley:

Cool. :slight_smile: Let us know if you work out which movie file and/or codec it was.