Crash after navigating to a new library

I set up a new library, added three folders from /profile, and navigated to the library via folder tree.

The library's content was shown for a split second, and then Opus crashed instantly and disappeared.

ID 171

Does going to the library trigger the same behaviour again?

It looks like it was related to folder expansion or FlatView, were either of those active in some way (e.g. via a script?)

I have used the library since then without any problems. It seems to be a bit slow. The folders don't appear as fast as in a non-library file display, and folder size calculation also lags a bit.

Expandable folders were on. I think Opus crashed the very moment I expanded a folder. Flatview was not on, and I am unaware of any script that might have been active.

I wonder if it was expanding a particular folder that triggered it. What seems to have happened should not be possible (:slight_smile: ) so it'd be interesting to see if you can reproduce it.

Here you go: ID 172

I set up a second, identical library, and added the same folders. All looked good until it didn't.

Don't ask me which folder it was, I was absentmindedly clicking around :blush:

I should mention one folder is a regular folder, the second one sits in Dropbox, and the third one is empty but gets synced to pCloud.

Which folder was it? :smiley:

Sorry, I am already back to clicking to generate next one :slight_smile:

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The library has about 100 folders. I've manually expanded all of them twice, plus bulk-opened everything via Alt-Down. No problems at all. I have the slight impression that the library now responds a bit faster, but that's hard to tell.

Today Opus crashed when switching from sort by modified to sort by name via mouse click. This time the crash dialog appeared.

ID 175

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We've fixed this for the next update. Many thanks!