Crash after resume from sleep

For the second time now (forgot to report after first), I've received the following error after resuming from sleep.

It's possible the crash is due to a shell extension that has been loaded into Opus, rather than Opus itself. (Especially as the thread just has a number; most Opus threads should have a name if Opus created them itself and knows their purpose.)

If a crash dump was created matching the date & time of the crash, it might shed some light on which module the crash is likely to have come from, if you zip the dump and send it to me via private message or email (

Unfortunately I've run CCleaner in between posting and your reply so have deleted the contents of my Temp folder. If I experience the crash again, I'll be sure to follow the instructions you've given me. Thanks once again for the help.

I often use the Sleep mode (Instead of shutting down my computer).
After resuming from sleep Opus often crashes (no Listers open).
Reports can not be generated, but I have a minidump file.

Not sure when this started, but this definitely didn't happen before ...

I didn't install new software and/or new shell extensions etc.

Leo, should I send the dump file to you by private mail?

Please send the zipped minidump to Jon via email or private message.

Ok Leo, Done.