Crash after saving Word document

To report a problem running latest version Pro Edition 12.28.2 beta x64

Launching an app (word in this case) from dopus, when content has changed and file being saved, dopus crashes & restarts.

Problem reported in error window which displays error 0xC0000005 in thread 'dopus.viewpaneloader' at address ox00007FF880C9BC71

Never saw such problem in previous versions

Happens a few times and should be investigated/corrected in future updates

Otherwise runs ok

That’s the MS Office viewer crashing when you select the file, by the sound of it. It’s used by Opus (if the preview pane is open and you select an Office document) but not actually part of Opus.

Can you view Office documents in File Explorer’s preview pane? If not, reinstalling Office usually fixes problems with its viewers and other components.


Not actually what's happening.

  1. file (xx.doc) displayed within dopus

  2. select & open file -> document opens within word -> no problem

  3. edit file per requirement

  4. save file -> dopus crashes & reopens

Only when file is saved does dopus crash.
Does not crash with other applications.

And never crashed before with previous versions of dopus

Hope this can help pinpoint problem

The crash is still happening when the Word viewer reloads the file. Have you tested the same thing, with the preview pane open, in File Explorer?

There should also be some crash logs which you can send us for analysis. Click “Opus FAQs” at the top of the page and it’s in the short pop-up list.


Within File Explorer, no problem: word file would open nicely and document saved properly after editing & File Explorer would not crash.

Now, don't find how to grab crash logs since don't find "Opus FAQs" button displayed in dopus...

Don't worry, I found out there is an issue on our side, due to a change in the most recent beta. We'll get that fixed in the next beta and how it talks to the Word viewer. If it's causing problems, please drop back to 12.28 until 12.28.3 or 12.29 are out.


Actually not a major problem. Just annoying.

Will wait till next release and thanks for your support

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Thanks for reporting the issue!