Crash frequently while use script to manage my files with DOpus13.4

Hasn't crashed here so far.

Were any crash logs created? Automatic crash logs (for bug reports)

By the way, you should normally use DOpus.Listers.lastactive.activetab in an OnClick script. That could get a random window if you click somewhere else while the script is running. The clickData object provides you with both the active tab and a Command object which is pre-configured to use the active tab. Use those instead of creating a new Command and changing its source.

(I assume the rest of the script isn't the real one you're using, but something made to demonstrate the bug, since what it's doing doesn't really make sense.)

I've already send the dump files to, hope it will help.

The older one is created by my normal operation, and the latest one is created when I debug the issue use the crazy code above.

I'm manage my photos these days, and mark some keywords in the filename, move the useless photos to a trash folder(not the trash of windows), move some other photos to the folder where they should in.

So, I use a button to show a Dialog which I create by Script Editor, this dialog have several function area: renaming, moving, file timestamp fixing and so on. The DOpus.Listers.lastactive.activetab is more suitable, because the Dialog always showing, and I reselect files frequently, also I need work in deferent tabs, the clideData only get the first status when the Dialog popup, if I move to other tab rather than the one when I click the button, it will not work correctly.

We've made a change in 13.4.2, please see if it helps.

Unfortunately, I've tried, and crash again, the dumps have sent to yet, hope it helps.

Crash again with DOpus 13.4.2 beta, just simply open the PDF file.
Step 1: Open the view panel of DOpus
Step 2: Download offline manual of DOpus from
Step 3: unzip the zip file and get a PDF file
Step 4: Select the PDF file, and wait for a while
Step 5: Right click the PDF file and select "Open with ... " , and don't select any sub menu of "Open with..." just wait for a while, it will popup a error window like following

Btw, the dump file already sent email.

In the last step, you need click any application that in "Open with...", and when the pdf file is opened by the application, the error popup.

This last one is crashing in a third-party DLL called XCShInfo.x64.dll, which is a shell extension installed by something called "Tracker Software".

I think not simply the 3rd part software cause this crash, almost all of the application to open a pdf file while use "Open with..." will popup that error window.

Btw, dump files already send to the email address.

Same problem. Try uninstalling the Tracker Software.

I don't doubt what you're saying, but this is somewhat surprising. Tracker Software is the maker of PDF-XChange PDF Editor. I use it and, based on past posts, so do other Opus users. I'm not currently having any issues with it and, to my knowledge, there haven't recently been any other posts here involving it,

@tyysoft do you have the current version of PDF-XChange PDF Editor.?

It may also depend on the PDF files.

If the DLL is already up to date, sending the same DMPs to the team who makes the DLL should let them analyse what’s going wrong.

The PDF caused crash was fixed by reinstall the PDF-XChange PDF Editor!


New crash while rename a video file, already sent the dump file, hope it helps.

Please try 13.4.3 to see if that helps with the original issue.

Ha ha, Great! No crash anly more!


Crash again while click(select) video file and keep preview panel open, already send dump file to email, please check, thanks!

It's crashing in the video playback subsystem, which isn't part of Opus. It's probably a buggy video codec.

Is it possible to protect DOpus from these error?

Crash again when quit DOpus in DOpus 13.4.5 beta, already sent dump files. Thank you!

That crash in 13.4.5 was already fixed in 13.4.6. :slight_smile:

(Please start a new thread for new issues. These don't seem related to the script/crash the original post was about.)