Crash in dopus.scriptcol.thread

DO still happens to crash ocassionally for me, when tinkering with scripts.

An example scenario, a single Dual Lister:

  • Upper-Tabs: D:, /dopusdata/script addins
  • Lower-Tabs: D:, D:\bin\file\BeyondCompare
  • Utility log opened
  • Viewerpane opened

Edited/saved ScriptWizard addin in external editor, watched log output and boom.
This is not something that is directly reproducable, but it still happens quite often.
Maybe (-> I hope) the dump is useful to find this critter.

Sometimes empty tabs and a script accessing the "tab.locked" property when a lister or tab re-opens, will also lead to a crash. After another restart, DO seems to cure itself for some time, so I do not end up in an endless loop of crashing / the lister is reopening / crashing etc.

Dump: (24.7 KB)

Thanks! o)

Thanks for the dump, I think I may know what's causing it - check the next beta and see if you can still get it to happen.

Ok, thanks, I'll watch out! o)