Crash in right-click context menu - CFiShell64.dll / ShellToys

Hello. Dopus keep crashing whenever I click on any of the top 3 context menu items (Open, Print and Edit) These are on the default Dopus menu I think because I turned off external programs to make sure. No matter what file type it is, whether its docx, rtf, pdf etc, any of those 3 items causes the crash. I have added some screenshots (attached), Thank you for your help.
Dopus Crash Context (34.7 KB)

Please see if any crash logs were created and send them via email if so.

Hello, I sent an email with minidump logs attached (titled 'Dopus minidump logs from Desiree Simpson'. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending the logs!

The crash seems to be occurring in CFiShell64.dll which is part of something called ShellToys.

I suggest uninstalling that (or disabling it using ShellExView) and seeing if that solves the problem.

Oh yes, Shelltoys lol. I really like that program as it adds lots of extra nifty tools to the context menu - but I disabled it in Dopus as a test, so I wonder why it would still cause it to crash? I don't really want to uninstall it completely, if I can still use it outside Dopus I'd prefer that.
Edit: I disabled it on ShellEx and it did solve the problem. Damn. I mean Thank You lol.
Is there a way to keep it and not have it crash Dopus? It doesn't crash anything else.

You'd have to ask the authors of it. You can send the same .dmp files to them for analysis, which should let them find and fix the bug in their code.

It seems ShellToys is no longer in business. I can't even send an email. That's a shame. Part of the program I really like, the Autotype and Clipboard Manager still works independantly from the main part so I'll keep it but disable it from Windows Explorer and Dopus. It doesn't crash Dopus at all now. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.

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