Crash on Find

Hello! o)

I experienced a crash after hitting "Find" in the find utility (second time it worked). This basically is "stock" config, OS installation is quite fresh as well. Maybe you like to look into the dump file attached. Please notice that the Licence Manager window opened by itself some days ago and it is reminding me about the default evaluation licence being expired since then.

Thank you! o) (41.5 KB)

The good news is we've had some other reports about this crash and are already looking for the cause. Bad news is we haven't found it yet, and have yet to see it happen on our own machines.

If you know a way to make it happen reliably, please let us know the steps as being able to trigger it ourselves should make it much easier to work out what's going wrong. So far it seems to be intermittent for most people.

Ok, thank you, I will.
It is intermittent for me here as well (at work and at home), not always a dump available though.

Please try this test/beta version for a potential fix:

If you still see the problem, please send us any crash dumps generated by the test/beta version.

Ok, downloaded and to be installed within the next moment.. o) Thanks!