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Crash on right-click

Right click on file crashes Opus. New failure on migration to Windows 10.

Crashes on right-click are almost always caused by 3rd party shell extensions. Here's how to track it down:

Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files

It crashes for .pdf, .txt, .exe, .gif, .zip, .wpd In fact, I have not found a file extension that does not cause a crash on a right click. Right click on folders is ok. This did not occur under Vista and Win 7. It only appeared under Win 10.

Some shell extensions install themselves for all file extensions. The Finding The Culprit section of the guide I linked applies to them as well, and is often the best way to track down the crashing component.

If crash dumps were generated matching the date/time of the crashes then you can also send them to us and we'll see if they reveal anything that can help. Please zip and email them to:

Turning on "Hide Windows items on file context menus" solves the problem. Shift right click causes crash as expected.

That tells us it is a third party shell extension crashing, as I predicted it probably was earlier.

If you want to work out which one it is, please do the Finding The Culprit steps and/or send the crash dumps.