Crash opening context menu on music files

Unfortunatly no, no crash dump :frowning:

Thanks !

If you turn off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Enable file InfoTips in... entirely, do you still see the problem?

Please also update Notepad++. From the ProcMon logs, you have a version of its shell extension from 2014 installed which is known to cause issues.

(For some reason that version is still very common, although every time I ask why so many people have such an old version of a free tool installed they stop replying, so it is still a mystery to me! :slight_smile: I figure it must be bundled by something else, or something.)

I think it's an issue with the update at notepad++, i updated it the last time i used it one week ago, i'll do that immediatly. but a friend of mine (programmer) suggested me an another software instead of notepad++, so i can uninstall it if needed. i try the turn off info immediatly, but first, upgrading again to the 12.14 before ahha :slight_smile: thanks for the help, i do that immmediatly.

my notepad++ is version 7.5.9 from 14th october 2018. weird ! lol. the shell extention update must be somewhere else in the software, i check that immediatly.

It's possible the shell extension hasn't needed an update for a while, but the latest Notepad++ looks like its shell extension DLL is dated 2019, so there must be a slightly newer version at least.

i'm very sorry to tell that
after uninstalling notepad++
did a cc cleaner after it
and turned off enable file info tips

crash still happen (on .mid file and .mp3) lol :smiley:

good night (late in france), i'll come back tomorrow :smiley: ahh back to 12.12 :frowning:

edit: just did a second reboot, no more crash for now !!! (with tips enabled or disabled). can't reproduce the crash for now (notepad++ fault ?). we'll see i'll do more test tomorrow. thanks again, good night (or day in australia :slight_smile: ).

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Hi again Leo ! since the COMPLETE (this word is important) eradication (that second word too) of notepad++ from my system, i have NO MOre crash since yesterday night on DO 12.14 !! (computer running and used non stop since 6 hours now).

would love to reinstall it but don't know what's the issue (maybe what you told) and how to avoid crash again. I reinstalled completly my system in 2017, the dll you tell is very old, so i don't explain how, if this dll is the issue, it's there and not the more recent one, as i only downloaded and installed notepad++ from his programmer website and did all the updates.

don't want to tell "yeahh too early", so i'll see with time, but for now, i can enjoy again to work on my audio files and working again without using explorer :slight_smile: !

thank you and all the best to the DO team !

There's a slightly newer version on the Notepad++ site so it might be worth trying, if it's something you want to use. No reason not to!

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just installed the 7.6.6 x64 latest version, will see if a crash come back. thanks for everything !

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Crash are back with 12.14 and last version of Notepad++. I uninstall again completly Notepad++ and see if the crash not happen anymore (just worked during 2 hours with midifiles, but didn't used right click once, just did it by mistake and bam... here it is again lol... will report later any new investigation.

Are you sure you’ve looked in the right place for crash dumps? Please check again to see if there are any from the latest crashes.

Did you ever try this suggestion of Leo’s?

If you turn off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Enable file InfoTips in... entirely, do you still see the problem?

About the only other thing left to suggest is to try uninstalling dbPowerAmp and any other music-related applications and see if the crashing stops.

Edit (Leo): Also, fully exit Opus via File > Exit Directory Opus after making any changes. In the videos sent earlier, it looked like only the window was being closed and re-opened between some changes, which will not restart the process, meaning DLLs already loaded into it will still be there. If in doubt, reboot to make sure no trace of the old setting/program is still on the machine. Uninstalling shell extensions can take a restart before the DLL is finally removed.

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Hi Jon & Leo !

  1. if the crash dumps are in user/appdata/local/temp , i confirm there is not a single crash dump file since the 12564 times DO crashed on this :slight_smile: where can i check in DO that a crash dump is generated when DO crash ? maybe this option is turned off somewhere ? Manual crash work, but unfortunatly can't do it while making the crash happen.
  2. yes i turned off the Enable tips in... it's maybe one of the most useful feature of your software, can't live without it ! very hard lol !
  3. yes i uninstalled Dbpoweramp and all his extension (encoder)
  4. yes i do and did several full exit for DO, and reboot many time (for tonight i maybe did it 15 times).
  5. rebooted almost everytime i could.
  6. uninstalled a lot of musical applications "less "important" (that means appplication i use but rarely). but i'm a (ex) professional musician and work on a lot of project at the same time very often. so uninstalling the major software i use for doing music (Steinberg Cubase 10 Pro, Magix Vegas Pro 16 and some others stuff) is not really the right moment. as said I uninstalled as much as i could for now, and it still crashing DO.
    (7) Aways did a CC registery Cleaner before each reboot (saved the registery each time as backup before doing it).

and --> Still Crashing lol.

the stuff i didn't do yet, is doing a windows repair on file system, in case it's something corrupted in the system (i usually use the software Windows Repair from for that). bad time to do a complete reinstallion of windows (it would be the first since i installed W10 lol... (it's a clean install of a retail version of W10 (not an update) done in 2017 when i changed my motherboard/Cpu.

so i'm out of ideas, I think i'll reinstall 12.12 to being able to continue to work as this version does not crash.

other ideas i have is that there are software (i have one somewhere) which analyse all the entries available in shell context menu (hidden or visible) (if it's that, which crash DO ! can it be something else ?), and if i remember correctly, the software can completly remove them (and not just disabling that). it's something i didn't tried yet as there are always with windows and third party software a crazy amount of useless stuff installed.

I took the opportunity to update some of my software, but it changed nothing.

There is one last thing, my main Mp3/Wav (i use it rarely for playing midifile) player is something called Resonic player (it's a Beta). I didn't unstalled it to check if it was the issue (as it's a beta). i'll do it right now, before reinstalled 12.12
but among the software i uninstalled, was all my audio player (musicbee ...) except this one. I didn't uninstalled any video player (MPC-BE, VLC), but it's software which can play audio files too.

I know that doing a full windows re installation is maybe not the right solution (time, middle of project etc...) and as well, if it would fix the issue, it would be of no help to find What's the cause of the crash !

Thanks anyway for the help, and sorry to be a p** in the a** as it seems i'm the only one to have this issue :frowning: ...

thx !

Jon, Leo, maybe a good news ! in my close relationship, i have a professional programmer, he took a look at the thread and told "i don't think disabling cubase or other audio software would be the trick", remove the ones who appears in the context menu in windows

"wait, there is still this s*** or windows media player in windows 10 ?"
"i uninstalled it completly from Windows 10 since the beginning !"
"hoo, wait, let me try that !"

so, Programs, add/remove windows application... i removed Windows media player, and since then , NO MORE crash with DO 12.14 ! is the issue found ? i hope so, before telling the issue is over (on my side), i'll wait a couple of days !