Crash report: updating labelled files

Due to a recent change on my network (the path and the drive changed), I had to update the labelled files and folders in DOpus (Preferences / Favourites & Recent / File and Folder labels).

Updating folder paths was easy. However, when I tried to update the old labelled file paths, DOpus crashed every time (I run

Are any crash dumps created matching the time of the crashes?

What are the exact steps to trigger the problem?

No steps other than the edit I mentioned (button or double click).
Please find attached 2 minidumps I found.
DOpus.Minidumps.7z (35.8 KB)

Could you zip up your /dopusdata/ConfigFiles/foldercolors.oxc file and send it to me? I'm wondering if the problem is caused by a particular item in the list.


What I described happened on every labelled file from the old network drive and path, not a specific one.
I use the portable version of DOpus here.
But I sent you by PM the file you asked for.

Leo, do we have news after the files I sent you?

Not yet. We'll update the thread when we do.

Any fixes?

We haven't been able to reproduce the problem, nor had any other reports of it, but will spend more time on it when we get a chance.

However, if there is a bug and we fix it, it will only be fixed in Opus 11. We are no longer releasing updates to Opus 10 (after free updates for several years). You mentioned you didn't plan to upgrade in another thread (which is fair enough).