Crash right-clicking ThisPC

Whenever I right mouse click on ThisPc (windows 8.1 64 bit) Dopus crashes

I am using (5066) x64

I attach a jpg of the error message

That does not happen here with the same versions of Windows and Opus, so it is probably caused by a third-party shell extension on your machine.

The first thing to check is whether or not the same thing happens in Explorer, in case the issue is unrelated to Opus. (Of course, sometimes shell extensions work in Explorer but a slight difference in how Opus behaves causes them to crash, since they're usually only tested with Explorer. But if you see the crash in both places you can be more sure of where the problem is.)

You can use a tool like ShellExView to see which shell extensions are installed and try disabling them. Ones to do with context menus (in ShellExView's Type column) are most likely to be relevant here, and it usually makes sense to focus on the non-Microsoft ones first. Disable a batch of extensions using ShellExView, then fully exit Opus and restart it and see if the problem remains. If it does, repeat the process with some more extensions. Once the problem goes away, you know it was probably one of the extensions you just disabled and can start re-enabling things to narrow it down to a single extension.

Extensions to do with cloud storage and backup tools (including CD burning, disk imaging and virtual drives) have historically been the biggest culprits here, for what it's worth, but it could be something else.

(Opus also has some tools of its own to help find/fix similar problems, but they won't apply in this case since the This PC (aka My Computer) context menu is built by Windows, unlike the menus for normal files and folders which Opus builds itself. For reference, they are here, but they're unlikely to help in this case unless you're also seeing problems when right-clicking normal files and folders.)