Crash when opening newly created folder beta


  1. open lister in parent folder (of the one to be created)
  2. create a new folder within parent
  3. double click new folder to open
  4. crash

However if you refresh the lister first after step 2 then no crash happens when doubleclicking new folder beta x64

I can't reproduce this after a few tries at least.

Can anyone else?

happens when I select IMAGES on the style bar prior to creating a new folder.

I can not reproduce this, sorry. In my normal Details view or using the Images style from the default styles toolbar.

error box


Like the others, I can't reproduce this. Have you tested with a default configuration and does the same thing happen?

Regards, AB

I did a re-set all to defaults from within preferences .... that made no difference

When you create a folder, how are you doing it? Via button? script? the right-click context menu item? other?

Does the Create Folder dialog window open? if so, whats checked on?

Are you creating folders on a local drive? removable drive? network share?

I would backup your settings, then uninstall. reboot. install latest (reboot if needed). Test again (before restoring backup config). If working, restore config and test again.

using the right click context menu . Local drive.
Folder is created ok but once I try to open I get the crash unless I click the refresh lister first

No repro here either...

Uninstalled and re-installed to the deafult ..... no problem

Once I reload my config file with my settings .... CRASH (when opening newly created folders in thumbnails/image view)

If you PM me your config, I'll see if I can repro the crash when using it, if you like.


You should be able to stop the crash by resetting your folder infotips to the default.

It seems to be triggered by having {foldersize} and {dircount} together in the folder infotip, and then causing the infotip to appear for a new folder while in thumbnails mode. (I suspect you're hovering over the folder just long enough for the infotip to trigger before you double-click.)

I've found the source of the crash and fixed it for

Thanks ... wasn't looking forward to rebuilding my customization :smiley: