Crash when reading image metadata

Directory Opus x64, Windows 7

I've got a couple of jpg files that consistently crash Opus whenever Opus tries to read their metadata (metadata columns, metadata panel, tooltips, viewer information overlay). The crash appears to be related to GPS tags in the XMP metadata block as it doesn't occur if I remove those tags (e.g. with exiftool or a editing in a program that doesn't conserve XMP metadata).

For reference, the workflow I used to create the jpg was:
[li]Use Geosetter to geotag a raw cr2 file, writing the geo tags to a sidecar xmp file (Geosetter uses exiftool internally)[/li]
[li]Convert the cr2 to jpg using DxO Optics Pro v6[/li][/ol] (449 KB)

Your little image is a real DOpus-Killer! :smiling_imp:
For me DOpus immediately crashes without any error popping up if I just try to open the directory containing the file (Metapanel not opened).

Will be fixed in the next version.