Crash while or after running an installer

Opus crashed after a non-Opus installer had finished and software's splash screen appeared. A bit odd, nothing else was going on.

ID 137

It looks like you have one or more label filters that use the evaluator - how are they defined?



Thanks, the crash seems to be related to that although I can't get it to happen here.

Can you try turning on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: [Troubleshooting] crash_log_memory for the moment? That way if you get another crash the log file will contain a lot more info (and be a lot bigger, which might make it too big for the crash reporter - not sure about that).

I have turned this on and tried to reproduce the crash, but no results so far.

A different thought: When v12 was running the v13 config (here), everything was colored orange:

I don't use this color/label definition anywhere else, so I am pretty sure that's v12 getting confused by the evaluator formula.

Maybe a pointer why the filter caused the crash in v13?