Crashes and weirdness during Find

Not sure when this started. I've been noticing it more now on 11.10.6 release... but THINK it was happening before on .5 as well.

For quite some time, I have had a Find.osd file with: coll://Find Results specified.

If I restore my OCB with the Find.osd file above... and then do a Ctrl+F to call up the Find Panel (just runs Set UTILITY=Find,Toggle) I initially see coll://Find Results in the 'Show result in' field.

I then search for Name matching txt, and I crash... minidump attached.

Sometimes, I get a secondary crash after dismissing the first message, that the thread could NOT be terminated and I click on Close to restart Opus. Then I get the same program error and crash, sometimes with a surprise 'ReadDirThread' program error lurking somewhere in the background. Do you want me to try and catch the minidumps for any follow on crashes?

Worth noting, after this crash behavior, and restarting Opus process... subsequent Ctrl+F find operations are sometimes unstable (just hitting the key combo causes Opus to go Not Responding), or usually if I exit the opus process manually and restart it, things seem fine - the 'Show results in' drop down now just shows Find Results without the coll:// prefix. But the 'Find Results' collection is now being created as a sub-collection under another called coll; - note the semi-colon? And sure enough, at other times once this has happened - I sometimes see coll://coll;/Find Results in the drop down field.

Right now, my Find.osd file has been changed as a result of the crash to now show: coll://coll;/Find Results (28.1 KB)

Note: I deleted my Find.osd file from State Data, and let Opus generate a new one. I've attached a zip file with each...

my_Find.osd is the one from my golden OCB backup
opus_Find.osd is the one Opus auto generated after I exited/restarted Opus and deleted the 'corrupted' one with the coll://coll;/Find Results value in it following the crash... (1.12 KB)

Attached the osd files since though now things are stable - it's doesn't seem to have been the actual coll://Find Results in my original osd file - since that is how it is recorded again on a new file generated by Opus (I focused on this in my first post because I thought it was choking on the regular colon or something in the coll:// prefix, and it should only say 'Find Results' in there or something).

So, not sure what differences in my golden OSD file is causing the crash without a bunch of trial and error - but maybe you can tell easier from the dump :slight_smile:?

That's fixed in 11.11 that came out last night.

lol... looked like just a rollup of previous beta fixes. Didn't realize it was worth trying before filing this. THANKS!