Crashes generating video thumbnails (LAV filters)

This happens when "generate thumbnails" is enabled on the opus video plugin.
Disabling thumbnail generation on that one fixes the problem but the rendered thumbnail lacks the sprocket border art around them which is not good.

There's no doubt the video or its metadata is somehow malformed however it plays normally in any player and windows has no problems generating thumbnails by itself.

Here is a sample video that triggers the crash when enabling thumbnail view with 100% certainty:
Video is related to VAM and features some mildly-nsfw content (nude 3d model walking).
SampleVideo.rar (1.8 MB)

Versions affected: up to and including 12.27.1beta
Steps to reproduce:

  • Extract it to an empty folder while in details view
  • Switching to thumbnail view -> this crashes dopus immediately

This is the error:

Investigating why this video file crashes the generator could hopefully lead to fixing the problem.

It’s almost certainly a video codec something else has installed, rather than Opus itself.

If you send us the crash logs we can usually use those to confirm it, or see what was crashing instead. Please see the Opus FAQs menu at the top of the forum for instructions.

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Nice tip Leo.
It's a pretty fresh windows installation and only LAV Filters are installed as can be seen here:


I'll try uninstalling those and see if the problem persists.
Then I'll send the crash logs as well.

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Before using MPC-BE (which includes all needed codecs) I used "K-Lite Codec Pack" (basic package) over years. It always worked fine and I never had codec-related crashes.

I uninstalled LAV filters and DOpus doesn't crash anymore but the thumbnail has no sprockets (even though it's checked and enabled in the plugin). Seems like the plugin no longer attempts to generate a thumb and just requests it from the shell serving it directly (same like when the plugin is disabled).

Reinstalled the same LAV filters version (latest 0.76.1) and now it generates the thumb with sprockets. Unfortunately it takes 2 seconds to render the test thumb vs 0.1sec when the shell does it.

The best case would be if dopus could take the shell thumbnail directly and just add sprockets to it.

@anon94230625 Those filters were required by some video editing application to function properly.
K-Lite and all codec packs in general are a complete mess so better stay away from them.
For a modern self-contained media player which requires no codecs or direct-show filters you might want to check out Daum PotPlayer as it's light years ahead from MPC,VLC,mplayer and all their derivatives. The only CON could be that it has way too many options - but that's what I love about it.

Agreed. That's planned.

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I still prefer MPC (maybe not miles away, I just want to view videos without problems and it's also portable). But PP is worth a look...