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Crashes about weekly. I am not sure why. Version 12.16. I might be moving files or trying to close the program. Program hangs, and I have to use Windows Task Manager to kill the process.

Operating system           : Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 
OS version                 : 6.1.7601
Service pack major version : 1
Service pack minor version : 0
Free physical memory       : 9997596
Total physical memory      : 17052119040
PC manufacturer            : TOSHIBA
PC model                   : PORTEGE R930
CPU                        : Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
OS bitness                 : 64
CPU bitness                : 64
BIOS manufacturer          : TOSHIBA
BIOS name                  : Default System BIOS
BIOS version               : Version 6.80  
Motherboard manufacturer   : TOSHIBA
Motherboard product        : PORTEGE R930
Motherboard version        : Version A0
Display                    : Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
Display width              : 1366
Display height             : 768
DPI                        : 120

Next time it happens, before killing it, please create a few manual process dumps and send them to us:

We should be able to use that to see where it's getting stuck and identify if it's within Opus itself or inside a 3rd party DLL/hook/etc.

OK. Thank you.