Create a copy in the same folder

In my usual detail mode dual lister configuration, suppose I make both listers point to the same folder. Then I grab one of the files in one lister with the right mouse button (suppose it is called foo.txt) and drag it to the other lister. Then I get a window like:

COPY AS: Enter the new filename or rename pattern.
OLD: foo.txt
NEW: foo.txt

Suppose I click on the NEW field and change the foo.txt to foobar.txt and click OK. DOpus will obligingly create a copy of foo.txt called foobar.txt in the same folder containing foo.txt. Strangely enough, I do this operation rediculously often, usually just before modifying a file when I want to preserve an easy way to revert back to the original. Of course there are many other ways of making backups and reverting to earlier versions, but I often find this way useful when one of those ways has not been set up or in addition to them. My question is "is there a way to do this operation easily without setting up both listers to point to the same place. Ideally I would be able to do this from the right click context menu or equally convenient, from a toolbar button.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to do this.
~Paul Mennen

There's a Duplicate command - by default it's the right-button function on the Rename button in the toolbar.

Hi Paul,

As you said, there are many methods to accomplish this.
Here's one I wrote and still use for my programming source files.

It is a triple button .
It's almost ancient, but what it does is :[ul]a) With a right mouse click a dated zip-file is created .
b) With a left mouse click, selected files in the directory are copied to the dated zip-file.
This must be done in the source lister.
c) A middle mouse click 'seals' it all up.
The zip-file is renamed to reflect the directory it originated from .
The original date is kept intact.[/ul]You can still download it at

Ah, it was staring me in the face all along. Thanks Jon!

Also thanks Zippo, your triple button may also come in handy.